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Aug 16 2011

Foul Urine Odor?

Technically, healthy urine should not have a foul odor although it may have a mild smell. If your urine persistently has an unusual or a strong urine odor, then it may mean that you have an underlying condition.
Having a foul urine odor may mean that you have an infection or an inflammation in your urinary [...]

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Jul 25 2011

Why Avoid Tight Shoes

I buy plenty of tight shoes and it is because I’m am now a size 7 1/2 (I used to be a 7) and most of the shoe boutiques that offer the styles I want do not have half sizes. That is why I still go for size 7 shoes instead of the size 8 [...]

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Jun 24 2011

Give a Child a Pencil: HWH Pencil Project Signature Campaign

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I fervently believe that adequate education can give a child a brighter future. Kids who are given the chance to be really educated (not just go to school) and kids who are taught to value the art of learning will have greater chances of finding noble ways to earn a living and they are more [...]

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