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Oct 24 2011

Winners of the Drypers Giveaway!

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Sep 01 2011

Ever had birth announcement cards?

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When I gave birth to Yana and then to Ysha and Yza, my friends and family only knew that I gave birth when my husband sent them SMS messages announcing it. Some only knew that the babies were already born after we posted their pictures in my Facebook account (that was two weeks after). Now, [...]

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Aug 29 2011

Blog Giveaway: DRYPERS JUMBO Packs and Baby Monitors Up For Grabs

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I’ve got a special surprise for you Moms and Soon-to-be Moms! Mommy’s Infodose and DRYPERS Philippines will be giving away DRYPERS Diapers Jumbo Packs and Baby Monitors

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Aug 12 2011

What You Need When Traveling With Your Baby By Car

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Last Monday, we did a bit of traveling with the kids and we rented a van. I could say that we were pretty much prepared for the trip based on what we brought with us. If you are planning to travel with your kids using your car or your RV, here are some things that [...]

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Jun 08 2011

Ear Piercing For Your Little One

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Some parents want their daughters to wear earrings as early as possible. I have some friends who had their kid’s ears pierced when they’re just a month old – some were even only a week old. Fortunately, there’s really no danger in having your kid’s ear pierced early. The risks come with the actual piercing [...]

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