Women Issues: Dating for Single Moms

Are you a single mom who wants a second shot at love and romance? If so, this short guest post from a contributor will surely give you inspiration…

Contributor’s Bio: Fiona is a freelance writer who has been engaged to her fiancé for just over a year. She loves to write to give support to other singletons who are still looking for their soul mate.

As a woman in my mid-thirties I was beginning to think that perhaps I was just one of those people who was destined to end up wearing cosy cardies and spending a lot of time with her cats. That’s before I took advice from a psychic anyway, and found the guy of my dreams.

Dating websites hadn’t worked for me and, as all of my previously fun, flirty and fabulous friends settled down into cosy, stable and serous relationships around me, my social circle became smaller and smaller. The call of nappies and nap times overtook the appeal of Friday nights out on the town for the vast majority of my friends and weekends were no longer about catching up over one too many glasses of wine at lunch; I’d be lucky if I could grab ten minutes in a child-friendly café while hungry six month old and a cranky two year old vied for their share of all the attention.

In fact, it was during one such ill-fated ‘lunch’ when I realised something had to be done. Short of resorting to hanging around exclusively with people ten years younger than myself, the only option was to jump on the bandwagon and find myself a man, and my friend recommended seeking love advice through a clairvoyant reading.

It was how she had met her husband and it was the best advice I could have taken. Those single days were fun but everyone has to grow up and settle down eventually. And the good thing about taking romance advice from a professional reader is that they look for that deeper connection for you, so that you can find a relationship that will last the test of time.

Although it’s not a route for everyone, I found that even just the process of talking to someone about what I was looking for in a partner helped me to become more focused in my search for love. I left the reading with a renewed sense of positivity and a fresh perspective on life.

I soon realised that I needed to be proactive in my search for Mr Right, and sure enough, once I started trying some new bars, taking a few new evening classes and opening myself up to the possibility of love, it wasn’t long before David (now my fiancé) came into my life.

However you decide to go about it, being open-minded when it comes to finding a partner can really make a difference. Whether it’s going for a professional reading, trying speed dating or simply hanging out at a different bar, don’t sit around and wait for love to happen!


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