Gadgets and Tech: Motorola RDU2020

As a company, Motorola has put out hundreds of innovative products. One of their newest innovations is in walkie-talkie technology. Their latest models are truly quite spectacular with robust features like hands-free, lithium ion battery, hundreds of channels and frequencies, as well as programmable features. These walkie talkies are great addition to any business’ communication model because it allows you to organize different channels while also keeping your conversations completely private with interference eliminator codes.

Walkie-Talkies for Business: Motorola RDU2020

The Motorola RDU2020 two-way radios are absolutely the best in quality. They offer UHF band, two-watts, 2 channels and 89 business exclusive frequencies. One of the best things about these walkie talkies is that they have amazing audio quality and you can really go mobile with it. You can use them for business across 250,000 square feet and up to 20 floors.

In addition, this Motorola has 122 privacy codes which improve both signal and privacy. With the hands-free options and voice activation, you can answer calls freely and still conduct your business. You also can use the CPS software to install other features important for specific business industries. Among its best features is that the battery lasts for up to 12 hours or more. That means you don’t have to charge your walkie talkie in the middle of the business day.

The Motorola RDU2020 two way radios are quite affordable. It is available online, on – and it’s offered with free shipping and even free two-way radios if you buy more than one. has a variety of other Motorola radios available.

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