Gadgets and Tech: A ‘smart’ age of home entertainment

If you are satisfied with what you get from TV broadcast or cable channels and you don’t bother much with the visual quality of what you’re watching, you can stick with your plasma or LCD TVs (see the infographic for a look at the Biggest Television Broadcasts of all time). If you want an HD or 3D TV experience and you want to go green, opt for full 3D or HD LED TVs. Now, if you want TVs that function pretty much like smartphones (You know the smartphone drill, right?), then go for SMART TVs. To help you decide on whether you should get yourself a Smart TV or not, here is an overview of what it offers…

Smart TV

What Do You Get with a SMART TV?

First off, almost all SMART TVs are offered in FULL HD-LED screens, some even have 3D features. They have superior audio and visual features – and advanced lighting and dimming settings too.

Next, what’s great about your SMART TVs is that you can connect them to the Internet. They either have an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi capability that allows you to go online. They also have Operating Systems (like what you get in computers and in smartphones). These OS’s give the TVs the capability to run various applications and widgets that make the TV smart.

Almost all SMART TVs come with pre-installed video apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. A Smart TV also has applications that will allow you to browse the web, and stream, record, and play TV shows, movies, videos, and music both from the Internet and broadcast channels.

Aside from streaming media, some Smart TVs also offer social networking apps like that for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are also applications for games and messaging (email and chat). In addition to that, most Smart TVs like the Sony SMART TV offers high-tech mirroring features.

The new range of Sony SMART TVs lets you mirror your smart phone to your TV in an instant. You can use your NFC one-touch mirroring enabled smartphone to view all your phone photos, videos, and apps straight on your TV. You can use the phone to select, swipe, move, or enlarge content on your big screen.

To add to that, Sony SMART TVs also have the TV Sideview app. This lets you check the details of the TV shows you love – from the casts to episode guides, and more.


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