Baby and Shopping: 4 Simple Ways to Save Up When Having a Baby

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to try Hand-Me-Downs.

There are some baby things that your little angel doesn’t need in brand new condition, like baby clothes. The fact about baby clothes and little baby shoes and bonnets – especially those in newborn size up to 3 months or a bit more – is that they aren’t used for too long.

Babies just grow too fast and a hand-me-down newborn onesie by your niece has been used only a dozen times or probably less. Believe me, the quality between some new and used baby items is just not that noticeable. If you don’t have an older kid in the family, you can also try getting second hand stuff in eBay, Amazon, or in yard sales and secondhand stores.

Tip #2: Hunt for coupons and vouchers

Coupons are everywhere. Before you buy baby stuff – from baby clothing to cribs or walkers, you might as well collect your fair share of coupons. You can find coupons online and not. Apart from coupons on magazines, newspapers, and on promo flyers, you can checkout voucher codes from various coupon sites.

If you have a particular brand that you fancy, like Debenhams for example, you can do a simple Google search of ‘Debenhams+vouchers’ or ‘Debenhams+coupons’ and you’ll be surprised of how many online coupon sites that you will find. In addition, Debenhams offer codes through their own website, and perhaps even on their social networking accounts like their pages in Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Tip #3: Buy in bulk, buy store brand and other generic.

When buying things, make sure you either buy in bulk or you go for the generic stuff instead of the branded ones. Buying in dozens or half a dozen almost always comes with huge discounts – sometimes even up to 30%.

If you know your baby will need more of that same thing like in the case of baby clothes or baby bottles, go for bulk purchases. In addition, you don’t always need to go for the stuff with the more popular name or brand. Store brands almost always have the same quality as the branded ones – they just cost less.

Tip #4: Don’t overbuy.

There are so many things that parents are compelled to buy for their babies either because they are just excited or they are simply overwhelmed by cuteness. Amongst these costly but not very needed baby items are the changing table, tons of shoes, the baby tub, bassinets, and more.

You can always use a changing pad and place it on the bed or the top of the dresser when your baby needs changing. Shoes are no longer necessary if your baby already has socks. Also, you can always use the sink for baby baths instead of getting a baby tub.

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