4 Tips to Make TV Viewing a Better Experience for your Kid

I know some parents do not let their kids watch TV but there are also those, who like me, do let their kids have a bit of screen time. Now, if you do let your kids watch TV once in a while but you don’t want them to suffer from adverse effects like delayed mental and social developments, being obese, being violent, and the likes, then here are some tips on how you can make TV Viewing a better – healthier experience for your kid…

Don’t keep the TV on all the time.

Aside from the fact that it would cost you, it’s best to make TV viewing a special event for your kids – much like seeing a movie or a theater performance. Before you let them watch anything, make sure you pick the right show and set a specific time for their viewing period. This way, they won’t abuse TV watching and they will deem it as a privilege they shouldn’t waste on senseless shows. This will also prevent them from getting ‘used to’ TV watching.

Pay Attention to TV Parental Guidelines.

The guidelines are there for a reason – the system is there to let you know which shows are suitable for your kids and which are not. Heed the advice and only allow your kids to watch shows appropriate for their understanding. If you can, make a list of the shows you can let your kids watch and make sure these shows match their viewing schedule.

Watch WITH your kid and explain what you’re watching whenever necessary.

The best way to make TV viewing healthier for your kid is to make it one of your bonding activities. Whenever you can, watch TV programs together and try your best to encourage your kids to talk about what they see and what they think about it. This way, you not only get the chance to guide them, you also encourage them to express their thoughts and opinions.

Compile your own set of TV programs to watch.

If you have the time and the stuff needed, record TV programs and then let your kids watch them later. You might want to subscribe to customized TV viewing systems like talk talk tv packages. Most TV services allow you to easily filter live programming and record your chosen TV programs. You might also want to buy DVDs of your ‘approved’ shows. This way, you won’t have to let your kids watch TV commercials selling toys, junk food and other products. In addition, having videos instead of live TV shows would let you pause or skip parts of the programs whenever necessary.

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