4 Practical Ways to Get the Gadgets You Want at a Cheaper Price

Wait until the Hype is Over

If you don’t really need to own the gadget now – like if you’re just compelled by the fact that you envy your friends – then you might want to wait a little bit longer before you purchase that gadget you want. The price tag of a hyped gadget usually goes down by about ten percent within the first three months after it has been released. If you can wait a little bit longer – let’s say more than 6 months, you can probably get the gadget for more than 30% less its original price.

Hunt for Deals and Coupons

If you want to join the excited crowd that’s hungry for the latest gadgets, you can still save IF you can find groupon deals or coupon codes like that of Indiaplaza promos and offers. You can search the web for coupon sites, checkout group deals, or simply check out the social network pages of your fave Telecom networks and gadget shops. Most Telecom networks and gadget stores provide special coupon codes for their social network followers.

Go for Second-Hand or Refurbished Items

The secret in getting second-hand items is to make sure that they still come with a store warranty, a receipt, and all the necessary accessories that come with a store-bought unit. If you’re lucky, you can find second-hand gadgets selling for less than half the original price. If you’re more than lucky, you will find very affordable second-hand gadgets that have been barely used by its previous owners. You might also want to consider refurbished items – but only if they come straight from the gadget stores and distributors.

Join Contests and Raffle Promos

If you don’t want to invest money in your gadgets and you have all the time to spare, then join tons of contests and raffle promos. There are tons these days and you’ll find them on blogs, websites, and various social networking accounts of businesses promoting themselves. The usual requirements would be to like Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter, tweet this, post that, answer a few questions, and voila! You get a chance to win awesome prizes – most of the time, those prized gadgets people crave for.

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