Kids and Traveling: How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Cruise

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, some 1.5 million children now are going on cruise holidays every year, with sometimes more than 1,000 children on the same trip.

The only thing worse than having plans for a relaxing cruise holiday scuppered by unruly children, is being in charge of said rascals and not knowing what to do with them.  What’s great about cruise liners these days is that most ships now have fantastic kids clubs and a wealth of entertainment options to keep children amused during both the daytime and evening.

That said, it’s a good idea to pack a few essentials that may come in handy to entertain your little ones during your break:

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Backpacks are a cruise essential. Not only do they save Mum and Dad from being lumbered with tons of stuff to carry when the family heads off on shore excursions, but children can also use their backpack around the ship so you don’t have to keep returning to the cabin.


Kids love being in the pool. A really good tip is to pack at least two swimsuits per child, so that there’s always one that’s clean for them to wear whenever they fancy a dip.

Portable entertainment options

Most ships provide a wealth of entertainment options for the whole family, but you might find that there are some days when the fantastic entertainment for your children just won’t do. Sometimes, the kids just want to hang out with Mum and Dad, which means Mum and Dad will want to have some form of entertainment at the ready to make sure they can still get some peace by the pool.

Kids get bored easily, so a few items, like a small portable DVD player, a hand-held games console, a tablet, or just a couple of old-fashioned books can come in really handy.

And finally…


Many children have a soft toy of comfort blanket that they just can’t settle without. This is one of the most important things to remember if you’re off on a cruise holiday – the last thing you want is a long holiday with a distressed child and sleepless nights!

Taking children on a cruise holiday isn’t going to be totally stress-free, but being prepared can make all the difference. Make sure you remember these essential items for a relaxing family break.

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