Home Design: Guide to Using the Colour Green as Kitchen Decor

Green is a soothing, relaxing colour – hence why it is used in therapeutic places like health spas. You can introduce zesty limes to create an exhilarating and energising scheme in your home, or opt for toned down shades of mint for a calming and restful atmosphere.

From apple to jade, there are plenty of different shades of green. Pick a shade that best suits your personality, and the style of kitchen you are looking for.

Here are a few ways that you could incorporate green into your kitchen:

Harmonising schemes with green

To create a harmonious colour scheme, combine shades of green that are adjacent to one another on the colour wheel; for example apple green with bottle green, turquoise and royal blue.

You can also create this sort of scheme by using organic colours like moss green with lime, deep ochre and terracotta.

If you wish to create a more subdued colour scheme, use toned-down shades of the same harmonious colours.

Green in a contrasting scheme

For a modern and exuberant use of green in your kitchen, pair it with highly contrasting colours such as purples, reds and pinks.

If you want to create this style, try painting three walls in your desired shade of green and the final feature wall in the high contrast colour.

Green in a tonal scheme

For a more calming colour scheme choose three shades of the same green. This is known as a tonal scheme and uses colours that sit on the same segment of the colour wheel.

These become progressively lighter as the colour is mixed with more white. You can make the tonal scheme more interesting with a variety of textures throughout the kitchen. Worktops with a weathered look, plus monochrome vases and accessories, will accentuate the colour.

There are other ways you can introduce green into your kitchen rather than simply painting all the walls.  You may want to consider a green splashback above your cooker.

Another possible way would be to introduce green accessories, such as small appliances or vases. Green range cookers are a nice way to incorporate a green colour scheme, as are green panels in amongst your cabinetry.

All in all green is a perfect choice for interior design because we are accustomed to seeing it everywhere in the natural world. Did you know the colour green is more commonly seen by the human eye than any other colour?

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