Home and Living: Must-Have Home Furniture For a Transitional Look

The perfect furniture for a new home starts with nothing that matches – that means you can try picking furniture pieces with no matching styles. No matching colors. No matching fabrics. No matching wood finishes. The owner of at a large furniture company calls this hot home decor style – “transitional”.

“Homeowners are mixing and matching,” according to Catherine Cushing who is the co-owner of Geneva Home Works in Chicago. “People are mixing and matching. They’re combining different woods and finishes. Then they’re throwing in family pieces and calling it comfortable and coordinated,” Cushing said.

Transitional is Playful

Battered and painted rustic cabinets and tables are okay. Set those pieces beside a polished wood piece of furniture and an interesting look is created, Cushing asserted.

Entertainment armories are losing their doors to allow the big screen TV a prominent role in the room. Customers are opting for lower cabinet consoles to set the TV atop. Then they are buying push-button sofas with sections that recline to watch TV, Cushing said. Power motion recliners are also hot sellers. People want to push buttons to be raised up or leaned back.

The majority of her customers prefer the transitional look which is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Cushing calls this style “much more playful.”

Leather is Back

Bold and bright colored rugs with large patterns are laid on hardwood floors. Neutral browns and tans are still popular, and then people drop in pillows, lamps and other accents made of eye-catching colors. Herringbones and tweeds are desirable for fabric furniture for that tailored look, Cushing said. Leather is roaring back in popularity for upholstered furniture. People like the look, and it’s easy to clean, durable and timeless as a furniture centerpiece.

Distressed Oak is OK

Bingo! There it is. The transitional look. The No. 1 best seller on Amazon is a glider chair for watching TV. Color? Tan. Number two on the best seller list is a painted wood end table with a drawer that can stand smartly beside the glider. It’s ideal for setting a beverage and bowl of popcorn while watching the TV. The next choice features a distressed oak and black metal sofa table for placing the smartphone, tablet and remote selector. The number four best seller is an end table with a door, ideal for petting the cat and storing DVDs. A soft black leather recliner with an ottoman fills out the top five list at Amazon.

Electric Massage is Cool

Other choices in the Amazon top 100 include a leisure reclining chair that’s heated and gives an electric massage, an espresso snack table, an inflatable recreation lounge chair, a brown leather ottoman, a wireless game chair, a cradle chair, a sleeper chair, a five-tier cherry corner stand, a wood and leather Mission rocking chair and a futon sofa bed with removable arms.

It can probably be said that buying these pieces and setting them in a house will give the homeowner a transitional decor that is playful.

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