Home and Living: 4 Reasons DishDrawers are So Popular

Not sure how a kitchen appliance can make your life so much easier?  Read on! DishDrawers have been popular ever since they were first introduced to the world in the mid-1980’s. Why are people are so in love with them? Because they offer these 4 benefits:

They’re Great Space-Savers

DishDrawers are smaller than their traditional counterparts — making them the perfect alternative for people who live in tiny apartments (or who simply have tiny kitchens!).

They Use Less Energy

DishDrawers look like filing cabinets, complete with two drawers that you can pull out and load up.  Since each drawer is smaller than a regular dishwasher, you can run one while you work on filling the other one up — meaning you’ll use a fraction of the energy in the process!

As an added benefit, DishDrawers come with the same energy-efficient technology as their full-sized dishwashing cousins.  That way, you can save energy in several different ways by using them!

You Can Separate Your Dishes by Washing Needs

Since each drawer is completely separate, you can use one for your delicate dishes and the other for your everyday dishes that can hold their own against stronger water pressure. 

DishDrawers are also perfect for people who stick to a Kosher diet — and, thus, have to wash their dairy and meat utensils separately.  Consider DishDrawers to be like double ovens.  They can be set two totally different ways, or one can be on while the other is off.  With them, you’ll have complete freedom!

They Come With Options

If the traditional DishDrawer isn’t perfect for you, take advantage of some of the newer options.  For example, you can get a Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer  that comes in a special “tall” design — meaning that the top drawer is large enough for 13″ plates.  That way, you won’t have to wash your big serving platters by hand!

A convenient size AND lots of options to choose from?  No wonder people love DishDrawers so much!

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