Gadgets: Samsung Muse – Specs, Features, Photos

If you’re a Samsung gadget lover, then you might want to add the Samsung Muse to your S collection. The Samsung Muse is an MP3 player which looks pretty much like a pebble – and that is why it is also dubbed as the “S. Pebble”. It’s not super small – but I’ve read reports and reviews noting how good it sounds despite its size.

So what makes the sound so good? According to Samsung, the Pebble has SoundAlive – that’s the Samsung Audio technology which allows for spacious and clear sound with deep bass and enhanced tones.

Aside from the amazing sound, the Samsung Muse boasts of easy connection with your Samsung Galaxy handset, and with your usual PC or Mac. Actually, the Samsung Muse is an MP3 Player designed to be the ‘music companion’ of the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, or the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. In fact, you can directly transfer and sync your Muse with your handset using the Muse Sync App available in Google Play. The Muse Sync App also allows you to customize your UI, check your battery, and your data storage space.

The Samsung Muse also has a built in clip which allows you to take it with you anywhere – almost all the time – even when you’re on your morning jog. This MP3 Player has three switches – Mode, On-Off-SoundAlive, and Hold. It also has a LED battery light indicator and its style and color (in Pebble Blue or White) matches the Galaxy handset designs.

The Samsung Muse only weighs 13.5 grams and it can play MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG files for approximately six hours straight. Sadly, it only has 4GB of storage space and you need Android 3.0 for Phone syncing. Anyhow, the best thing about it is that its cute and inexpensive. You can have the Muse Pebble for only $50.

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