Gadget Review: What I Love About the iPad 4

We got ourselves an iPad 4 just before 2012 ended. I don’t usually enjoy buying expensive stuff but I enjoyed my ‘test drive’ of the gadget and so we went for it since we had more than enough to spare at that time. Anyhow, here are some things which I enjoyed about it…

1. It has the iPad 3’s Retina display which is really really good (better than our HDTV’s display). Every image and text looks way better when viewed on the iPad. The games with fancy graphics – even racing and adventure games – look good.

2. It has the A6X processor and it really is fast. iPad 3 users say that the iPad 4 delivers graphics, texts, and more twice as fast as the iPad 3.

3. It has two good cameras. It has the front-facing 1.2MP camera which can also be used to make 720p HD videos and it also has the 5 MP back facing camera which offers backside illumination, face detection plus the hybrid IR filter. You can really take good pictures with it provided that you don’t shoot at night, or somewhere dark. I wish they can add flash someday soon.

4. It has dual band capability – which equates to better WiFi and 4G connection – and faster download speeds! (theoretically). Well, compared to my Macbook Pro 2011, I can download files faster with the iPad.

5. It has the cute lightning connector – which is easier to attach and detach – compared to the previous one which seemed to be too fragile and more difficult to fit to its slot.

6. Very long battery life – it can last up to 10 hours! It’s amazing how the iPad can feature the Retina display and the advanced processor  without sacrificing the battery life.

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