Wellness Tips: Ten Safety Tips to Celebrating Your New Year with Sparks and Sounds

Let me start this post with me saying that I hate firecrackers. I like fireworks in the sky but I do hate those firecrackers which were made for the sole purpose of exploding and creating excessive sound and air pollution. Anyhow, if you’re among those who are fond of the firecracker tradition – like ironically, my husband – here are some safety tips for you…

  1. Always read the labels and instructions on fireworks and sparklers.
  2. Get your fireworks from reliable, licensed, and legal businesses only. Look for stickers or labels which indicate that they have been checked.
  3. When you plan on lighting firecrackers, make sure you have a hose or a bucket of water very nearby.
  4. Be patient and light only one firecracker at a time.
  5. Always use your fireworks outside – away from your home or your garden. Light it on flat, clear surfaces.
  6. Do not let your kids light or use firecrackers or sparklers on their own, without your full supervision – and do not let them use firecrackers inappropriate for their age.
  7. Never light or pick up a firecracker when you’re drunk – or even when you think you’re not yet intoxicated but you’ve already drunk something alcoholic.
  8. When lighting a firecracker, keep far away from it and never hold a lit firecracker in your hand.
  9. When you’ve lit a firecracker and it does not ignite, do not try to relight it. Wait for 15 minutes before approaching it and soak it with water.
  10. Do not purchase firecrackers and sparkers which are prohibited by the law or your locale.
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