Mommying and Earning: Pregnant, Working Moms

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Though most women are happy and excited to hear these two little words, they can also bring up a lot of worries and uncertainties if you are working out of the house.

To begin with, morning sickness is miserable enough but try dealing with it at the office and you will see what real nausea is! Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, when you may not want your co-workers to know the great news just yet, this can be a real challenge.

Try keeping water or tea by your bed, as well as some biscuits or crackers. In the morning, when you wake up but before you even venture out of bed, eat and drink something. This has been known to help settle the stomach and may ease the nausea.

Make sure you eat small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones. Ironically enough, an empty stomach will cause you to feel ill. If you do not eat too much but keep something in your stomach you are more likely to make it through the day.

Also, stay hydrated. Nothing will cure you the way endless liters of water can. Yes, you will be making frequent bathroom trips but it is better than gagging at your desk!

Once you get home from work, take some time to relax. Being pregnant can be very tiring and you will need more sleep and down time than usual. If a nap is unrealistic at least set aside an hour to unwind. Try reading a book, watching some tv or playing computer games like video blackjack. Whatever activity you choose the most important thing is that you are sitting and resting.

After you have rested it is a good idea to get some exercise. Consult with your doctor as to what type of exercise you can do. Usually yoga and palates are great choices for pregnant women as they loosen the muscles and get the blood flowing. As you begin putting on weight this can help stave off some of the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy such as swollen feet and back pain.

Always remember, you are not the first woman to go through this and you won’t be the last! Stay calm and happy and your baby will too.

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