4 Myths About Car Colours

When you purchase a car, the first thing you may consider to keep your insurance costs low and to improve safety is car colour. While there are many commonly held beliefs about cars and colours, there are just as many myths floating around also. Consider these four myths before purchasing a car. You may be surprised and get the car colour that you always wanted.

1. Myth: Red Cars Are Involved in More Accidents and Receive More Tickets

Red cars are not involved in more accidents than other cars. Studies have shown that blue and red cars only have a higher crash rate risk of seven percent. Black cars far exceeded this number at 12 percent higher crash risk. Gray cars have a higher crash risk of 11 percent, and silver has a 10 percent higher crash rate.

These cars seem to have a greater risk of being involved in a car crash during the day. A number of factors may affect this particular phenomenon. There may be fewer red cars on the road now than there once were, or alternatively, it may have just been a perception because red cars seem faster than other cars. It may have even been attributed to more inexperienced drivers driving these cars or attributed to people who are willing to take more risks.

Studies also show that there is a lower rate of injury in silver cars. Black, brown and green cars have a higher rate of injury. Red percentages were insignificant in this study.

Many people also falsely believe that red cars receive more traffic tickets than other colour cars. Some experts purport that people believe this myth because red cars appear that they are driving faster than the cars actually are driving. In fact, studies show that red cars only account for 16 percent of all the traffic tickets written.

2. Myth: Black Cars Are Stolen More Often

Thieves steal cars that are popular instead of cars of a particular colour. Most manufacturers make high performance and top selling cars black. If black cars are stolen more often, this would be the reason why.

3. Myth: Green Cars Are Resold More Often

Green cars are not resold more than other cars. This has not been proven or observed by car dealerships. Green cars are typically resold when a new car is needed or wanted.

4. Myth: Yellow Cars are Involved in Fewer Accidents

Yellow cars are not involved in fewer accidents. Many people believed this myth because yellow cars can be seen easier than other coloured cars. This is commonly held belief has no substantiated proof to support it.

Don’t Believe the Urban Myths – Check the Facts

Know the facts before making assessments about car colour. Many car colours are not purchased as frequently because of false myths. Get the facts and make educated decisions instead of decisions made on commonly held beliefs.

Lucas is an Automotive Enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, who believes these common myths are not true at all. He recently found a new Suzuki Swift Sport for sale at his local dealer and made the purchase despite the fact that it was red!

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