Fairyhobmother Presents: Five Kitchen Appliances That Would Boost Your Hospitality Points

What do you when an old friend, an officemate, your boss, your client, or your neighbor knocks on your door without an early notice that they’d be coming? Would you let them in or would you just dress up and invite them to the nearest café or restaurant?

If you have been trying to avoid getting guests at home simply because you find it hard to entertain them food-wise, here are some small kitchen appliances that can help make cooking and food preparation for guests as easy as 1-2-3.

Indoor Griller
Prepare quick delicious and low-in-fat meals like grilled fish, chicken, or hamburger patties for a hungry guest (or a diet-conscious one) who knocks around lunchtime or near dinner. Indoor grillers can be in the form of electric countertop grills or as stovetop or pan grills.

Coffee Maker
You won’t have to heat the water in a separate container, you can just brew coffee fast. A lot of people love drinking coffee and even if you are not much of a coffee drinker , it can still be of use to you when you make coffee ice cream, coffee-based frappe or hot choco.

Ice Cream Maker
This will be a big hit during summer or each and every time a guest brings his/her kids (or when your kid’s friends come visit for play). Making your own ice cream is fun and this ice cream maker also allows you to adjust the taste and the ingredients of your special sweet creation according to your liking and your dietary preferences.

Multi-Stack Electric Food Steamers
Again, another kitchen appliance which lets you prepare food fast and easy. Multi-stack food steamers let you cook different foodstuffs – all at the same time. You can cook a complete meal in just a few minutes.

Microwave Oven
Microwave ovens are a busy girl’s best kitchen buddies. These ovens are convenient and easy to use – and they cook fast! You can use it to reheat or cook vegetable, fish, potatoes, pasta, pizza, soup, and more!

If you haven’t got all or you haven’t got at least one of these home kitchen must-haves, then take the Black Friday or the coming Christmas as your chance to buy (or request from your loved ones) these mommy/foodie essentials! Maybe the Fairyhobmother can help you too.

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