Flu Treatment: Understanding and Dealing with Influenza

Come early winter and early spring, the dreaded flu will be in season again – and it comes in full force. That means, we all have to get our flu shots ASAP. If you’re unable to do that or if you simply forgot to have yourself vaccinated, here are some things that you have to know in order to get through a case of flu, if it hits you:

  • Influenza is a virus. It is an infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. This means that antibiotics, which kill bacteria, have no effect on the flu, unless they are used to treat a secondary bacterial infection. This is important to know, as it is unwise to take antibiotics unnecessarily.
  • Flu symptoms vary a bit, but typically, you will run a high fever, feel weak and achy, and develop nasal congestion and possibly a cough. If you believe you have the flu and are able to visit a doctor, you should.
  • A doctor can prescribe an antiviral medication, which will alleviate some symptoms. Getting medical attention is especially important for children, the elderly, and anyone with ongoing health problems.
  • Try to take a warm shower and close the bathroom door. The steam can help clear your airways. You also need a lot of bed rest, and you need to increase your liquids. Try to drink more than eight glasses of water each day.
  • For those who battle the flu at home, non-prescription medicines can bring comfort. Medicated lozenges can soothe a sore throat. Lozenges that contain menthol will temporarily open the nasal passages so you can breathe more freely.
  • For congestion relief, you will need a product that contains guiafenesin, which thins mucus. As mentioned, steam from a shower, bath, or personal sauna can help. You can also try aromatic steams or a vaporizer that can also help loosen phlegm and clear the airways. At night, you may wish to use a cough suppressant so that you can get better rest.
  • Pain and fever go hand in hand with the flu. To lower fever and reduce pain in an adult, use medicines containing aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Pregnant women, children and teens should avoid aspirin and products containing aspirin. If the fever does not go down, despite taking medicine, consult a medical professional. A high fever can be dangerous.
  • Many people swear by some natural remedies, such as elderberry extract. Research has shown that elderberry does indeed have antiviral properties. You can find this for sale at many drug stores and stores specializing in health foods and supplements.
  • You do not have to make a trip to a drug store or health food store, however. Medicines, both standard and all-natural herbal remedies, are available at the click of a mouse. You can purchase Umcka online, for example, along with other cold and flu medicines. It is a natural medication for cough and flu.
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