What is a Water Ionizer?

More and more trends in the health and wellness industry are being brought about by the increasing number of new, developing illnesses, as well as the gradual decline of life expectancy in most parts of the globe. One of the most popular heath campaigns is on the use of water ionizers to produce alkaline water that when regularly taken, can help balance the body’s ecosystem.

So what is a water ionizer? How does it work and what are its known health benefits?

A water ionizer is a water purification system that turns tap water into ionized water. It does this in two stages – filtration stage and the ionization stage. In the filtration stage, tap water is filtered, removing the contaminants and chemicals producing mineral water in the end. In the ionization stage, the process of electrolysis is applied where the water is both positively charged making it acidic and negatively charged – resulting to alkaline water. The two types of water are separated in the ionization chamber and the alkaline water is then used for drinking.

A lot of people believe that alkaline water helps in balancing the PH levels of the body and thus, prevents illnesses brought about by having acidic body like osteoporosis, fatigue and the like. Although it has not been clinically proven, there are a lot of individuals who are drinking alkaline water regularly and who can attest to the improvement that they have observed with their health. Some of the benefits that they associate with drinking ionized water are the following:

  1. Acts as an antioxidant. Alkaline water has antioxidant power, which flushes bad toxins from our body. This can improve the body’s immune system and it can help one achieve and maintain a younger looking skin. It also increases one’s vitality.
  2. Improves cardiovascular health. Alkaline water can help prevent heart diseases like heart failure, heart attack, and high blood pressure. It can also improve the cholesterol level, which also helps in preventing heart ailments.
  3. Aids in weight loss. It would be  easier for the body to lose some weight if it is  less acidic so drinking alkaline water can help an individual achieve their weight loss goal.
  4. Prevents Cancer. Since alkaline water reduces the acidity of the body, it makes the body healthy and also prevents deadly diseases like cancer.

Health is wealth as the cliché goes so we can really conclude that investing in a water ionizer at home is a wise choice. One of the stores that sell top quality water ionizers is Alkaline Water Plus. There are many different brand of water ionizers available from Alkaline Water Plus store which vary in price, style, internal cleaning system and more, but here are a few of the brands that most consider to be the best:

Jupiter Water Ionizers

  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • All of their water ionizers have trouble-free, self cleaning electrode plates
  • Has the best water filters compared to other brands of water ionizers.

Chanson Water Ionizers

  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Compact and programmable

Tyent Water Ionizers

  • Offers lifetime warranty on parts and labor
  • Programmable with varying amperage
  • Produces a wide range of PH and ORP

Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers

  • Offers 5 year warranty
  • 230 watt (not variable), 7 plate water ionizers
  • Perfect for health clubs and doctor’s office because its flow rate is faster than normal

A simple change in the water that we drink can bring a lot of life-changing effects for our health. So why wait until you are sick or until you have been struck with a disease? Invest in a water ionizer now.

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17 thoughts on “What is a Water Ionizer?

  1. Aggie

    I have been hearing a lot of great benefits in taking alkaline water – our body in its natural state should be alkaline but because of stress and the junk food we take in it turns acidic which is susceptible to sickness since abnormal cells and bacteria strive in an acidic environment. I should try alkaline water for the family I think.

  2. Mai

    I can attest to the benefits of drinking ionized water. Our whole family switched to drinking it for six months and it has helped us tremendously. We are now thinking of investing on our own water ionizer system at home. Thanks for the examples you listed – will check them out.

  3. Dez

    With all the health trends and the switching to organic food I am seeing lately, I am most curious about ionized water. I know that it helps balance the PH levels in the body but I didnt know that it can act as an antioxidant and prevent cancer too!

  4. Jen

    There is so much hype about drinking alkaline water these days that I have grown quite wary on those who sell them bottled up. Id rather do my own filtration so I can be sure my water is indeed alkaline! This is why I have been looking for water ionizers.

  5. Charloth

    Hello there,

    Is there any protocol to taking alkaline water – say with supplements or medicine? I read somewhere or was told when I bought some pH drops, alkaline water cannot be taken with medicine.

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