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Dec 30 2010

Kiddifying Learning

Plenty of kids are learning with the help of the traditional educational system. They go to school and teachers attend to them. However, in this age where kids spend most of their time with toys, with gadgets and computers, with their peers, and outside the schools, educators should think of a way to make learning [...]

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Dec 30 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Happy 2011 everyone! (though it’s still a day away).  I still don’t have a planner but I’d get one tom or perhaps on the 1st of January.

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Dec 11 2010

Chandeliers for my patio

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Since I was young I have always loved chandeliers. A chandelier always reminds me of princesses and castles – and if I will ever have my own home with a patio, I’ll surely put a grand chandelier, perhaps one like this from the Kichler outdoor lighting products. I love its design as it is classy [...]

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Dec 11 2010

Using CommentLuv in my blog

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I am a long-time fan of Disqus but when there was a buzz for do follow blogs and the CommentLuv WordPress Plugin, I just had to try it.  And so I did. CommentLuv is a plugin for comments on your site. It automatically visits the website of the comment author and then generate a link [...]

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Dec 07 2010

Online Shopping for the Best XMAS Gifts

Published by under How To,Shopping

Finding and buying the best xmas gifts can be so hard especially if you don’t have that much time to do all the listing, picking, and shopping. If you are a super busy person like me, I suggest you just go for the more convenient online shopping. Many online shopping sites can offer you an [...]

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