Nov 12 2010

Why buy ukay-ukay?

Published by Ellen Joy Castel at 4:30 am under How To, Product Reviews

A decade ago, most people may be ashamed of buying preloved clothes, but now, shopping ukay-ukay clothing is simply a more practical and economical means to get fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

I myself am fond of going to ukay-ukay shops. Why? because it is a practical choice, especially for a mom who works hard to earn. When you buy from ukay ukay shops, you get to pay half if not a quarter of the original price of the item. You can find shirts and blouses within the Php 50.00 – Php150.00 range and a dress or a pair of fancy pants will only cost you anywhere between Php 100 to Php 300.00.

Some people may think of ukay ukay clothes as junk clothing but there are also some people who see ukay ukay shops as treasure coves. When you go to an ukay-ukay shop, you will definitely find items that require sewing, there are those that have stains, and there are those which no one would probably want to wear if given an alternative. But – if you are patient and vigilant, you will definitely find fab pieces that are worth way beyond the amount that you will pay for.

Every ukay item has a different story. Some got there because the owner bought the wrong size and she never had the chance to wear it. Others have been used only for a few times but sudden weight gain or weight loss prevented them from using those clothes again. A few were given up by their owners because they just got tired of wearing them. And – there are even more stories to tell. That is why there are many ukay clothes which look as good as new.

The secret in finding a good ukay ukay piece is to be very patient. Be patient as you “skim and scan” the hanged clothes in “sardined” style. Be patient when you check an item to look for signs of wear and tear. Be patient when you examine the sizes and colors – and even the buttons, bands, and hems. If you have that kind of patience, then you can definitely hoard plenty of stylish clothes in cheap prices.

Another option would be to check out online shops that sell ukay-ukay clothing. Shopping preloved clothes online doesn’t entail a great deal of patience but it still gives you the chance to get affordable fab items.

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