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Sep 26 2010

Is your Toyota Camry Safe to Drive?

With three kids who are far from being able to take care of themselves, I really need a car whenever we plan to travel. Yana can do more than walking, but she wants to run while we are on the street. On the other hand, Ysha and Yza can barely stand by themselves so it [...]

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Sep 22 2010

Your baby has Baby Measles (Roseola) not Measles (Rubeola)

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Yesterday, my daughter developed some red rashes all over her body and so I had her checked by her pediatrician for fear that she had measles.  Luckily, I was partly wrong. The doctor said that she has Baby Measles (Roseola) and not Measles (Rubella) – and these are two different viral diseases (and they are [...]

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Sep 20 2010

Introducing the Nokia N8

I don’t know if it’s the newest but the Nokia N8 is surely is a hit among the latest models of Nokia. Every gadget site has a feature story on it and it’s not surprising why. It’s phenomenal – mobile phone that’s stylish, superbly functional, and customizable.  By customizable, I mean it lets you add the [...]

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